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Images from top to bottom, left to right - Juan Carlos Cahue, Bonnie Eads, John Benzel, Ruth Ann Maury, Gwen Hertz, and Sharon Harris.


Participating Artists: Lee Atsa, John Benzel, Delores Buchan, Juan Carlos Cahue, Vicki Carol, David D’Alessandris, Bonnie Eads, Joseph Hare, Linda Harlow, Sharon Harris, Gwen Hertz, Mary Ann Hollars, Robert Kuperberg, Ruth Ann Maury, Grace Senior Morandi, Lisa Russo, Vandy Shake, Milly Sheffer, and Laura Vizzini Smith.

A Special Thank You to The City of Ocala for the use of Citizen Service Center; Victoria Billig, Assistant Director of Museum Operations at the Appleton Museum of Art for acting as Juror; David D’Alessandris, Lee Atsa, Melissa Townsend, and Meagan Chaney Gumpert for working to install the exhibition; Claudia O’Brien for event publicity; and Mary Ann Hollars for reception planning.

Images from top to bottom, left to right - Grace Senior Morandi, Sharon Edwards, Ruth Ann Maury, Bonnie Eads, Don Borie,  and Kreso Rakic



Participating Artists: Lee Atsa, Loraine Astarita, Marilyn Bennett, Don Borie, Delores Buchan, Vicki Carol, David D’Alessandris, Gail Dicorcia, Bonnie Eads, Sharon Edwards, Barbara Fife, Meagan Chaney Gumpert, Joseph Hare, Linda Harlow, Sharon Harris, Mary Ann Hollars, Ruth Ann Maury, Mel Miller, Grace Senior Morandi, Rosemary Nagel, Claudia O’Brien, Kreso Rakic, Sharon E. Rapone, Margaret Richards, Lisa Russo, Vandy Shake, and Laura Vizzini Smith.





Toast to The Arts Exhibit at the Appleton Museum  

Award Winners  

Best of Show

John Benzel,  Un Heladod  


1st place

Susan Gott,  Two Sisters 

2nd Place 

Mindy Colton, Run Wild Run Free 


Bill Roberts, Portal 

Two Dimensional

1st place

Nan Liu,  Between Classes 

2nd Place 

Kim Shields, Tickle me story teller 

3rd Place

Linda Blackburn,  Homesick


Don Borie,  Hot Work


Deborah Pugh,  the Artists Daughter


Carol Basso,  Buffalo bill


Mildred Sheffer,  Ceramic cat with conch shell







Ocala Art Group   


Best of Show

Sentry on the Withlacoochies by Charles Mays 


First Place

Soiree by Lisa Russo


Second Place

Hibiscus 111 by Gloria Ufkes


Third Place  

Dance by Jong Ja Jenkins


Honorable Mention  

Morning in the Meadow by Judith Eberie

Cherry Amber Garden by Juan Carlos Cahue

Andrew by Lynn Thomas

Floating Torso by Eunice Fitzkee